We're a Montreal-based startup whose vision is to perfect the synergy between humans and AI to face the challenges of securing a brighter, more ethical future together.

Now's the time to leverage the advent of AI to the benefit of humankind through human-AI collaboration; that's why we're on a mission to enable humans and AI to trust and continuously learn from each other via Cogment, our dynamic human-AI orchestration platform.

Our team

Our multi-disciplinary team brings together leaders and pioneers from varied backgrounds around a shared desire to perfect the synergy between humans and AI to face the challenges of securing a brighter, more ethical future together.

G Craig Vachon
Chief Executive Officer

Craig has achieved success in CXO and leadership positions with diverse companies across the technology domain. He’s led P&L operations, new product development, strategic corporate initiatives (partnerships, M&A, investment), business development, marketing and finance for start-ups and high-tech companies around the world, raising more than US$1.6B in private equity (VC) investment for 30+ successful companies.

Dorian Kieken
Co-Founder, President

Dorian is actively focused on the advancement of AI ethics for humanitarian endeavors. He honed his business and technology acumen via leadership roles at DC Studios, Minority Media, and BioWare/EA, where he co-founded and developed the company’s Montreal studio into a thriving enterprise. His passion for strategic team building and collaborative innovation has yielded multiple Game of the Year awards.

François Chabot
Co-Founder, Technology

François has diverse expertise bridging the worlds of machine learning and simulation, leading advanced technology integration initiatives with a specialized focus on AI, gameplay programming, low-level optimization and systems design. Drawing on his earlier experience at Google, Capcom, Opal-RT Technologies and Blue Castle Games, he is helping AI Redefined bridge the gap between engineering, research, and all things interactive.

Michael Henson
Chief Technical Officer

Along with strong industry connections, and 30+ years of CXO experience with innovative companies in the technology sector, Michael's focus is on the commercialization of ML/AI technology. Michael worked initially as part of the digital transformation in the film and video industry. He later moved on to the commercialization of scientific research for high-performance machine vision systems for transportation and critical infrastructure, as well as retail business intelligence. Michael's quest to solve difficult problems in machine vision was the impetus to develop Deep Learning ML software systems for various early-stage companies. He has since worked with large industrial partners on ML/AI innovation strategies as the industrial digital transformation scaled.

Clodéric Mars
VP, Engineering

Clodéric has been building and deploying AI technology since 2006, closing the technology divide between machine learning and simulation while applying deep tech methodologies to solve complex engineering challenges and operationalize advanced AI for commercial usage. From his start as a developer to becoming a CTO, his skills have been primarily focused on AI and ML algorithms, applied data science, distributed cloud architecture, API design, product management, and team building. He is a recognized public speaker and organizer at AI industry events.

Grégory Szriftgiser
Co-Founder, Design

Grégory has 17 years of experience in video games journalism and has amassed a wealth of technology, production, and business knowledge. At AI Redefined, Grégory is applying his designer and community experience gained at Blizzard Entertainment, with a keen interest in storytelling mechanics, AI (ML & DL), and procedural systems where he’s invested his design expertise.

Sagar Kurandwad
Machine Learning Research

Sagar is passionate about creating novel AI algorithms. He previously served as a lead researcher at dailyhunt/VerSe Innovation, a leader in machine learning and deep learning technologies for content customization. Sagar began his career as a data scientist at Personagraph, Housing.com, and Tata Consultancy Services, and an instructor for machine learning and data analytics courses at BrainStation.

Sai Krishna Gottipati
Reinforcement Learning Research

In his previous role as founding researcher and principal at 99andBeyond, Sai led a team of 11 researchers across 8 institutions and developed the world's first RL-based synthesizable drug discovery platform. His work is widely published at top AI conferences like ICML, AAAI, and NeurIPS (Oral at DRL workshop). While he was an MSc (research) student in AI at REAL lab in Mila (Quebec AI institute), UdeM, he developed deep active localization that was published in the top robotics journal, RA-L.

Yves Paradis
Software Engineering

Yves puts a high value on easily readable and manageable code that’s directly applicable to real-world problems. He brings specialized experience in C/C++, Assembler, SIMD, Multi-Threading (MT)/ Multi-Processing (MP), and Code/System Optimization, cultivated via earlier software development roles at DRW, Squarepoint Capital, and Matrox.

Pierre Ravary

Pierre assisted the company’s founders with establishing the financial operations for AI Redefined and has been instrumental in the development of the company’s business plan since its inception. He has accumulated 25 years of experience in Director of Finance and CFO positions, with a range of expertise including the implementation of accounting and reporting structures to prepare emerging companies for growth and governance, as well as securing funding from financial institutions and Series A/B investors.

Leah Finkelstein

Leah has over 12 years of experience in operations, recruitment, HR, and jack-of-all-trades roles. Her hard-working, passionate, and detail-oriented approach contributed to driving brand growth, maximizing operational excellence, and delivering results throughout her career. With a desire to find a profession that required both intellectual horsepower and interpersonal skills, Leah found a home in people & operations management. Her natural abilities as an extrovert allow her to build strong and trusting relationships with both peers and clients. In a company such as AIR focused on human-centric AI, her passion for authentic human connections and innovative practices fits right in.

Sara Schlemm

Sara joined AIR with over a decade of experience in writing and communications. After graduating from Yale University, she worked for six years in management consulting for investment banks in New York and London, advising some of the world’s leading financial brands. She then decided to pursue her passion for literature by completing an M.A. and Ph.D. in English at Cornell University, where she won prizes for her research and teaching. Sara is fascinated by the mutually influential relationship between science and literary style, making her role at AIR a natural fit.

What's it like to work at AIR?

Our management culture reflects our core values, putting emphasis on self-management and distributed leadership; this fosters a positive, trusting and genuine environment where colleagues support each other, and where everyone has a real say in the work that we do.

We offer competitive compensation and benefits, true work-life balance with flexible work-from-home and vacation policies, all in a beautiful newly renovated office in historic Old Montreal. Add to that plenty of coffee and tea, fresh fruit, lots of greenery, and quiet areas, and you'll find yourself free to focus and do your best work.