About us

We're a Montreal-based startup that's been growing rapidly and established a global presence.

We integrate human and AIs together to tackle the challenges provided by critical and complex environments, where human judgement is vital, but where AI support provides value.

The key to incorporating AI successfully in such contexts is never to replace humans, but to augment them; our toolset enables AIs and people to share a common experience, where a relationship of mutual trust and understanding can be built, allowing them to continuously learn from each other.

Our team

Our multi-disciplinary team is a mix of award-winning leaders and prioneers from varied backgrounds who came together around a shared desire for a better future through humain-AI collaboration.

Meet some of our founders:

Dorian Kieken

Dorian is a former video game executive who carried his passion for growing teams to all the studios in which he's had a hand (BioWare/EA, Minority), building teams from the ground up and collecting countless Game of the Year awards in the process. His track record demonstrates his ability to foster a culture of quality, creativity and innovation that generates success years after his involvement.

Fabrice Condominas

Fabrice has the uncanny ability to successfully create value and build evergreen teams in whatever industry he touches; whether it's shooting music videos, building some of the largest semantic networks, producing Game of the Year titles for BioWare, growing teams for EA or questioning how human and AIs could build a relationship, Fabrice has done it, and brings that multi-industry experience to drive AIR's unique vision.

François Chabot

François is a veritable swiss-army knife of software architecture. His accomplishments include malware hunting through applied ML at Google, video game engines that pushed hardware to its absolute limit for Capcom, and blazing fast hard real-time simulators, to only list a few. His one-of-a-kind path and skills allow him to bridge the gap between engineering, research, and all things interactive.

Why collaboration?

The only way to successfully integrate humans and AIs together in systems that are too complex for human understanding, but also too critical to be entrusted to AIs it to make these systems collaborative.

So how can we create collaborative systems when AIs currently learn on their own, and humans don't understand them?

We must create a shared experience that enables a full loop of continuous learning between humans and machine. We foster trust through two key features: the dynamic autonomy level, and the right to doubt.

This approach led us to work primarily in the management of ecosystems with critical human stakes, and to adapt our tools to the sensitive and sometimes dangerous nature of these areas. We do this through the use of pre-deployment simulations, and by taking into account the level of pressure under which humans evolve.

Logo Cogment

Anyone can set up human-AI collaboration themselves, through the use of our set of open-source tools and infrastructure.

Cogment enables the rapid development of human-AI collaboration, working with the tools you already use, and it's completely free!