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Every AI system relies on big data, either existing or generated from an environment. But what happens when you don’t have that data or it's not fitting your needs?
AIR uses game design principles to do large-scale Humans / AI interaction loop training. We provide models and data tailored to your needs.

Rich, two-way interactions

An AI layer on top of any application that requires more advanced human/AI interactions.

designed for you

We can help you build an environment that best fits your training needs; and ensure your users give you the right data.

adapt continuously

Users interact in different ways, using different means, with varying levels of expectations and types of intent. One size doesn't fit all; we account for all of them.

easy granularity

Attune to populations, individuals, or both! Connect your models to pools of users, or individual users interchangeably.

stay relevant

People change, evolve; our approach continuously adapts to groups and individuals alike so the data and models continuously adjust themselves.

Our Platform

Specifically developed for large-scale Human / AI interaction loop training, AIR's framework, Cogment, supports many kinds of training environments; quality crowd-sourcing is a critical part in forming the best models, and we have the skill and the experience to engage the people you're interested in.

Three principles guide our design:




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