Large-scale Humans / AI Interactions Training, made easy.


Spend your time on your research; not on infrastructure. Our open source platform takes care of the heavy lifting, leaving you with the time and focus you need to leverage the large scale Human / AI Interaction Loop Training you need.

AIR brings you unique benefits

Whether to enable previously impossible to reach results, or inspire new research entirely.

HEterogenous technologies support

The best tech stack to train a model is often very different from the one that lets us quickly create appealing user experiences.

Multi-user, multi-agent environments

We're taking the pain of networking concerns out of your research process, be it for one or thousands of concurrent users and/or agents.

Easy granularity

Train on populations, on individuals, or both! Connect your models to pools of users, or individual users interchangeably.

Design support

We can help you build an environment that best fits your training needs; and ensure your users give you the right data.

Our Platform

Specifically developed for large-scale Human / AI Interaction Loop Training, AIR's framework, Cogment, supports many kinds of environments. Quality crowd-sourcing is a critical part in forming the best models; we have the skill and the experience to engage the people you're interested in, and tailor their contribution to your needs.

Three principles guide our design:




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