Cogment-enabled products

With Cogment as a foundation, AIR can answer complex and critical problems with innovative products that rely on a novel AI approach, which shows significant improvements over previous AI solutions and uniquely supports human-AI collaboration.

Dynamic Assistance

To augment and free up human operators

In complex critical operations (like emergency response, air traffic management, or logistics), outcomes depend on the operators’ ability to make the right call in fast-changing conditions, while battling with drastically variable workloads. Such life-and-death contexts are no place for current AI-as-Automation solutions, which act on a priori math algorithms; they simply can’t capture the judgment, emotional intelligence, and social awareness of humans.

With Cogment’s AI Apprentice approach, AI safely supports these operators in real-time by rebalancing resources, taking on secondary tasks, and providing full-picture decision-making support. As a result, personnel can remain in control and focus their efforts where they’re needed most.

Adaptive Learning

To power a customized learning experience.

AI can monitor, enhance and accelerate a learner’s progress through a given educational program, adapting its content to individuals based on their unique skills, understanding, and learning styles, resulting in faster training, more engagement, and deeper mastery.

This product can be deployed in academic and professional settings alike, from theory to applied exercises, and can easily incorporate extended reality (e.g., VR, AR) elements where relevant.

AI Director

To free games from their limitations, making them dynamic and infinite.

AI systems build content tailored to the player, creating a richer, more immersive, and more engaging experience in response to individuals based on their unique skills, play style and performance, while respecting the game’s design principles, rules and economy.

This product is compatible with video games and serious games alike.

Hybrid Intelligence Teams

To orchestrate and optimize collaboration between human and AI-operated units.

Mixed fleets provide numerous, highly consequential challenges when coordinating human-operated vehicles, autonomous/semi-autonomous vehicles, and the human operators who oversee them. Cogment provides AI-assisted, dynamically mapped control structures to support operators who allocate, coordinate and optimize resource capacity.

Cogment’s advanced human-AI orchestration capabilities improve resiliency and effectiveness in any hybrid fleet context, such as warehouse and transport logistics, heavy industry (e.g., construction, mining), energy, aerospace, and defense operations.

World-Scale AI-Simulation System

To model an infinity of realities inside a large-scale, system-of-systems simulated world.

Cogment provides the ability to connect and orchestrate endless world-scale human and non-human intelligence systems together. By bringing together previously incompatible AI and simulations, it’s now possible to model complex, intelligent ecosystems into realistic simulations at a massive scale and to use Cogment’s distributed nature to coordinate colossal AI efforts.

Such monumental gains in simulating, testing, and predicting at a world scale unlock new insights and a safe path to demonstrate future-altering innovation in countless fields: urban, energy and environmental planning, social and health policy, finance, to name a few.

AIR as your success partner

AIR can support custom implementations of Cogment and Cogment-enabled products, which our team can further tailor to specific needs.