Our approach

The only way to successfully integrate humans and AIs together in systems that are too complex for human understanding, but also too critical to be entrusted to AIs is to make these systems collaborative.

So how can we create collaborative systems when AIs currently learn on their own, and humans don't understand them?

We must create a shared experience that enables a full loop of continuous learning between humans and machine. We foster trust through two key features: the dynamic autonomy level, and the right to doubt.

This approach led us to work primarily in the management of ecosystems with critical human stakes, and to adapt our tools to the sensitive and sometimes dangerous nature of these areas, through the use of pre-deployment simulations, and by taking into account the level of pressure under which humans evolve.

Some applications we've developed

Man-machine teaming solution #1

An AI training module with emphasis on multi-agents multi-humans training allowing to address complex scenarios.

Airborne Collaborative Platform
Mandate: to support fighter pilots on recon and penetration missions through autonomous drones that augment the operator’s capacity and reduces humans exposure to danger

Man-machine teaming solution #2

Reusing the same man-machine AI system, we've demonstrated its usefulness in another scenario.

Submarine Detection System
Mandate: to support marine operators in their capacity to quickly and efficiently detect enemy submarines leveraging the speed/efficiency of AIs and judgement capacity of humans

Recommender system solution #1

We have built a collaborative framework so that human experts and AIs can work and be trained together.

First Responder
Mandate: to support 911 operators with AIs that automate administrative tasks and handle minor incidents on their own; therefore allowing the operator’s focus to remain on major incidents and caring for the people reaching out.

Recommender system solution #2

The recommender has been adjusted to the hospital ecosystem, with the SBMS as a first step.

Hospital Bed Management
Mandate: to support medical and non-medical staff with AI agents that take care of the logistics and admin work involved in welcoming, transferring and releasing patients; therefore allowing more time and focus to be dedicated to the patient-staff relationship.

We can build a custom application for your needs

Whether you're looking to provide support to your experts through our Recommender tool, connect multiple AI systems which are normally incompatible together, or are seeking improve training outcomes, we can solve your organization's needs through a tailored turnkey AI solution.

We thrive in data-rich, complex and evolving environments that benefit from combining AI efficiency and human experience into the ultimate duo.

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You can also choose to have your team set up human-AI collaboration themselves through the use of our set of open-source tools and infrastructure.

Cogment enables the rapid development of human-AI collaboration, working with the tools you already use, and it's completely free!