Humans and AI elevating each other

We built Cogment, an innovative open-source AI platform designed to leverage the advent of AI to the benefit of humankind through human-AI collaboration.

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Cogment™ is our set of open-source tools and infrastructure that enables the rapid and frictionless establishment of human-AI collaboration. Because it works with the technology you already use, there is no need to disrupt your operations with a major systems overhaul when you join the Cogment™ community.

Distributed multi-actor

Mix and matching
of different tech stacks

Actor interchangeability
(even across domains)

Live training across
simulation instances

Active, passive
or hybrid training

Automatic reward combining
from multiple sources

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Benefits of human-AI collaboration

Enabling human-AI collaboration through our systems yields numerous benefits. Here's a sample:

Improved focus

AI crunches the numbers, handles the paper work, relays the pertinent information between operators. No more manual data entry, reports and tickets!

Integrated hybrid teams

Integrate existing autonomous AIs, like drones and detection systems into humans teams so they can finally interact and mutually benefit

Dynamic autonomy

AIs automatically adjust their interventions to support operators with their current work and mental load when situations become difficult


When seconds can make a difference, AI that's been collaborating with experts and was granted sufficient autonomy can be trusted to act immediately

Shared experience

With AIs that learn next to your experts, they can rapidly onboard your new operators in either simulated or real environments

Better decisions

When operators need to make split-second decision, AI recommends courses of action supported by all available data and decision history

Free experts to focus on what really matters

Our systems are developed for complex environments and critical systems where human judgement is paramount, but where AI efficiency can provide invaluable support through collaboration.

Trust and mutual understanding are essential factors for success here. 

In addition to contextual recommendations, our AIs take over repetitive or simple tasks from your experts, facilitate communication between multiple operators, and can also act on behalf of them, in respect of the AI’s autonomy level parameters, while continually learning and adjusting to the operators.