Humans and AI elevating each other

Underlying Technology

We build Cogment™, an innovative open-source AI platform designed to leverage the advent of AI to the benefit of humankind through human-AI collaboration.

Cogment is:


Because we built Cogment to adapt to the unpredictability of the real, messy human world, its flexibility and unique human-AI interchangeability feature enable new, real-time applications that were not possible before.

It can readily combine multiple approaches and agents to quickly, reliably, and inexpensively provide solutions to the most specific problems, from prototype to training at scale, all the way to real-time operational deployment.

Human First

Human-AI augments; it doesn’t replace people or the unique structure, processes, and operations of an organization. Cogment’s modular AI systems can be grafted onto existing infrastructure and workflows, as gradually or quickly as desired.

With Cogment’s AI Apprentice approach, AI agents must demonstrate their competencies before they are entrusted with the ability to act: through progressive human-in-the-loop (HITL) training, they gain increasing responsibilities -and autonomy - based on their proven abilities.

The human-centric core of Cogment is not only the safest and most ethical approach to onboarding AI; it also ensures a richer understanding, and lowers the risk of bias, flaws, and catastrophic failures, like the ones we often see in the AI-as-Automation systems commonly offered.

Future Forward

Because Cogment is a springboard to capture the potential of human-AI synergy, we built it to support AI as it will be done tomorrow.

Today, it already supports all bleeding-edge AI technologies— and the ability to hybridize them! Its microservice architecture and cross-compatibility make it endlessly customizable, so you know it will evolve along with technological advances and won’t be obsolete in five years. Cogment was developed for the distributed infrastructures of today and tomorrow; its lean nature and strong performance make AI technology more accessible, while delivering results fast, with lower development costs, less downtime, and less staff retraining.


We at AIR know of only a handful of technologies that enable similar applications to Cogment with a comparable feature set — and they’re proprietary to the most prominent players of the defense and aerospace sectors.

Cogment provides world-class capabilities to everyone, through a robust and reliable, future-proof, cost-effective, open-source human-AI orchestration and collaboration platform, in addition to marked improvements in areas like multi-agent and hybridization support, training and computing distribution.